MINELINE - Abrasion resistant piping systems

In principle PE pipes are perfectly suited for conveying fluids-solid-mixtures (slurries). In many cases PE pipes are superior compared to other materials, e.g. concrete pipes or steel pipes. There are already numerous positive experiences in different applications.


Feedback from field applications combined with results from abrasion tests enabled further improvements and led to the developed MINELINE pipes. The main body of the MINELINE pipe made of PE 100 or PE 100-RC. In addition it features the following functional surfaces: 

  • Newly developed inside layer for maximum abrasion resistance, even in harsh applications
  • White outside surface layer reduces pipe temperature in sunlight, thus thermal expansion is reduced (less snaking)

The MINELINE pipe is available from 63 mm up to 630 mm in SDR 17 and SDR 11. The main applications are slurry lines in the mining industry or any other highly abrasive installations. Abrasion tests proved the excellent resistance to fluid-solid- mixtures.



  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Reduced life-cycle costs
  • Reduced pipe temperature, thus less thermal expansion


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