PE 100 Ball Valve

The patented PE 100 ball valves of AGRU are a unique and innovative product solution for natural gas-, potable water and sewage applications.

5The compact and resistant design offers outstanding advantages compared to conventional valves. The inner cage with integrated redundant gaskets is the main part of the construction and ensures high safety and pressure resistance.
From dimension 63 to 225, the ball valve is available with an additional planetary gear system (ratio of 1: 6).
This guarantees a smooth operation and prevents water hammers in the pipe system.


Features and benefits of the PE 100 Ball Valves:

Resistant to external influences
The inner cage protects the interior from external influences such as temperature fluctuations or seismic activities.

High pressure resistance
Due to the patented monobloc design - high safety against pressure surge or water hammer

Easy installation
Significant weight saving compared to metal products

Homogeneous connection
100% leak-tight connection by means of heating element butt- or electrofusion welding

Corrosion resistance
Resistant to any kind of corrosion

Full Bore
Piggable ball valve without flow reduction (except OD 125)

PE 100 Ball Valves for water and gas

OD 32 - 125 without gear

available in

OD 63 - 225 with gear

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