AGRULINE for desalination plant in Singapore

PE 100 piping isometries installed by AGRU Technology.

Prepared pipe isometries made of AGRULINE PE 100 pipes and PE 100 RC fittings.

Project Date: 2016
Product: AGRULINE PE 100 piping isometries
Medium: Desalination plant

High-quality drinking water is a valuable commodity in many regions of the world. One example of where this is the case is the Asian state of Singapore: To ensure a long-term supply of drinking water in the capital, desalinated seawater is mixed with treated wastewater and rainwater before being reused as the main source of water. AGRU supplied the complete piping system for the country’s TUAS seawater desalination plant 3 in PE 100, and the system was installed by professionals trained by the local distributor AGRU Technology. The high accuracy levels of the dimensions required for the welded pipe isometries were a particular challenge.

Cheap drinking water

The TUAS  desalination plant 3 has a capacity of 136,000m³ per day and is the first with a design its kind in the Far East. Thanks to the fact that it saves an unusually large amount of energy when in operation, it pro-duces desalinated seawater at the cheapest price worldwide. The production volume of 136,000m³ now cov-ers 10% of the country’s daily drinking water requirements. A further 50% is covered by rainwater and the rest by drinking water imports from Malaysia. The process of reverse osmosis is used for desalination. In this process, the chlorinated seawater is pressed through a semipermeable membrane under high pressure to overcome the osmotic pressure. The membrane acts as a filter and only allows certain ions and molecules to pass through. This separates out the original solution, and lime and other minerals are then added to the water. 

PE 100 replaces PVC

With its specialist expertise and experience, AGRU was able to persuade the operator to only use PE 100 piping systems for the permeate plant piping. PE 100 piping systems are particularly suitable for such plants because of their long service lives, low maintenance requirements and high purity levels. The fact that all the necessary components are available locally also meant the piping could be produced quickly, safely and in exactly the right dimensions at the construction site. In the past, PVC or GFRP pipes have generally been installed at such plants. The open-installation AGRULINE piping system, which has outer diameters of up to 250 mm and SDRs of 11 (PN 16) and 17 (PN 10), consists of prefabricated isometries that are connected by heating element butt and socket welding in accordance with the recommendations of AGRU. The high precision of the isometry guaranteed quick installation at the reverse osmosis plant. The AGRULINE piping system has an operating pressure of 4.5 bar. Local AGRU Technology oversaw this important reference project for seawater desalination in exemplary fashion by ensuring it was present at the construction site to support the welding engineers throughout the project and by providing a number of training sessions.

Assembly of the isometries required the highest precision levels.
The fully installed reverse osmosis plant.

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