Pressurised sewage pipeline in Germany

Sandbedfree installation of the PE100-RC pipes

E-COUPLER – Forchheim (Germany)

Project name: sewage penstock in Forchheim
Project date: May 2011
Pipes: Sureline II pipes made of PE 100-RC (OD 125 SDR 17)
E-Fittings: E-Coupler PE 100-RC

Trenchless installation of sewage pipeline
Horizontal directional drilling machine

In Forchheim Newo Bau GmbH used horizontal directional drilling to install a pressurised sewage pipeline. Due to the requirements of the costumer for this pressurized sewage pipeline no inside bead was allowed. Thus the installation company Newo-Bau GmbH decided to use e-couplers made of PE 100 - RC. It was a unique project because despite the e-couplers the installation was done using horizontal directional drilling.

Horizontal directional drilling
is very demanding for the outside surface of PE-pipes and also for the e-couplers. Because of the outstanding resistance to slow crack growth PE 100-RC is the best material for this type of installation.

In addition to the existing electrofusion programme, AGRU is now providing injection moulded e - couplers made of PE 100-RC. Although they have the very same appearance as existing e - couplers, they do have improved long-term performance and significant advantages. On the one hand they are suitable for sandbed-free installation due to their outstanding resistance to slow crack growth. On the other hand e-couplers made of PE 100-RC are the perfect component for high-quality systems like Sureline and SurePEX piping systems.

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