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Reliable pipework for decades

Piping systems that reduce your TCO


The total cost of ownership (TCO) of a piping system depends on several factors such as material, design of pipes and fittings and maintenance intervals.

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Successful teamwork of regional entrepreneurs. From left: Daniel Holzer (HOVA), Alois Gruber jun. (AGRU) and Martin Hartl (Hartl Metall).

Regionality matters: Suppliers profit in Steyr-Land

Under the motto "Regionality matters" of the initiative Steyrland, AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH awarded contracts around four new warehouse lifts to local companies.

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Aquaculture solutions with AGRU PE 100-RC products

AGRU offers a complete, high-quality product range of pipes, fittings, sheet stock and concrete protective liners made of polyethylene for safe and environmentally friendly aquaculture & fish farming solutions. Years of experience, a highly knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment are the cornerstones for our high quality products.


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PP-H tanks for vegetable oil

AGRU delivered semi-finished products, pipes and fittings for the production of vegetable oil tanks for mayonnaise production.

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AGRU products for irrigation in Austria

Climate change is also a reality in Austria. In some regions, artificial irrigation must be used due to insufficient rainfall. In Lower Austria alone, 60 irrigation projects are to be implemented.

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ECTFE and PVDF pipes

AGRU's partner in Finland, Atolli Oy (Fluorotech), provided the concept, the technical advice, the materials / products, the installation and the maintenance plan for two plastic pipe systems.

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high-tech PE 100-RC pipeline

AGRU Award 2020 winners

AGRU presents the winners of the AGRU Award 2020. Our customers could submit outstanding projects, extremely successful market development measures and beautiful photos in the categories Project, Product and Picture. This time the winners come from...

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