Potable water line without any sand bed

Cost-saving installation with Sureline® II and SurePex® pipes

Location: Austria
Year of installation: 2016
Product: PE 100-RC Sureline and PE-X SurePex pipes
Dimension: OD 110/63/32 mm SDR 11 (PN 16)
Medium: Potable Water
Pressure: 11 bar

The residents of the Passau districts Walding and Gaißamühle obtained their potable water from their privately-owned wells. To ensure a safe and durable water supply in the future, as well as a constantly high water quality, they decided together with the Passau municipal utilities to connect their properties to the municipal water network. In addition, a telecommunication and a vacuum sewage line were planned to be installed. The length of the new pipeline is about 520 m.

All piping components for this water line were supplied by AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH. As a main water service line, a Sureline® II pipe in OD 110 mm SDR 11 was chosen. This pipe is made out of high-grade crack resistant PE 100-RC material, which makes a sand bed around the pipe during the installation unnecessary. To create flexible and efficient branches from the main line to the house connections, the AGRU pressure tapping valve (DAV) was used. The easy handling of the DAV, especially its mounting on the main pipe via fixation belt, as well as the low tapping torque, were highly appreciated by the installation team.

Creating pressurised branches in no time

The branches from the main line to the houses were carried out with AGRU-Frank SurePex® pipes and connected to the pressure tapping valves via electrofusion couplers. „The outstanding flexibility of the SurePex® pipes as well as the extreme high crack resistance are the reasons, why we decided to use this special pipe. As the end customer is responsible for the installation of the house connection, pipes may be improperly installed. The SurePex® pipe doesn´t require any sand bed at all and is extremely flexible, which makes an improper installation nearly impossible.“, says Mr. Mahler, the responsible project manager from the Passau municipal utilities.

For the vacuum sewage line an OD 110 mm SDR 11 pipe was used. As shut-off valves AGRU PE 100 ball valves with welded-in spigots for vacuum measurements were installed. The whole project was finished in about 10 weeks. By using AGRU high quality materials for this piping system, a long lasting and maintenance-free operation is ensured.

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