Products of AGRU used for the interim slag storage at the Erzberg

Drainage pipes made of PE 100; pipes, fittings, E-couplers and semi-finished products made of PE 100-RC

Project date: 2022
Company IAT
Company IAT
End user:
Drainage pipes 2/3 drilled; SDR11, Solid wall pipes in PE 100-RC, E-Couplers, Sweep bends, Extruded sheets in PE 100-RC black, Manholes (spiral pipes in PE 100)
Pipes and fittings (OD 315 mm in SDR11), Extruded sheets (20 mm wall thickness), Spiral pipes with an OD of 2500 mm (Length: 4,5 m; wall thickness: 104 mm)

Landfill for slag
Landfill for slag

Project data

The Styrian Erzberg is a mountain in the town of Eisenerz in the Eisenerz alps mountain range. Iron, mainly siderite, has been mined at the Erzberg at least since the 11th century. It is the largest open-pit iron mine in Central Europe and the largest siderite deposit in the world. The mountain, also known as the "Styrian loaf of bread", still represents the most important economic basis in this part of Austria today. The existence of important Austrian companies/institutes such as VOEST Alpine with its steel plants in Linz and Leoben-Donawitz or the Montanuniversität Leoben is based on the Erzberg. The mountain was also the basis of the economic boom in the Eisenwurzen region and the eastern part of Upper Styria from the 16th to the 20th century.
As a new project of the VA Erzberg, the construction of an interim storage facility for slag has started in spring 2022.

During construction, the VA Erzberg developed in cooperation  with the Technical University in Graz a new innovative method of a base lining with five layers (using the  “Werfen slate rock” from the mountain itself), this method saved  the delivery of clay to the extent of approx. 2,700 truck trips or 400,000 transport kilometers. Above this Werfen slate rock” basis  there are further a liner, a protective fabric, the drainage pipes and finally filter gravel (30 grain rock from the Erzberg). In the nearest future slag will be temporarily stored on this base structure.

Products of AGRU

AGRU products are used in the construction of an interim storage for slag from steel plants. The interim landfill will be finished in September 2022.

Approx. 700 meters of drainage pipes in PE 100 black and solid-wall pipes in PE 100-RC black  (dimensions: 315 x 28.6 mm; length: 12 m) ensure that the seewage water is drained from the interim storage area into two reinforced concrete collection tanks with a diameter of 13 m and one depth of 6.5 m. In these basins the sewage water from the intermediate storage is collected and neutralized.

For the connection to the PE 100 manholes (also supplied by AGRU) and to the sewage water basins, AGRU solid-wall pipes in PE 100-RC (315x28.6 mm), fittings made of PE 100-RC (stub flanges DIN), AGRU backing rings, electrofusion couplers and extruded sheets in PE 100-RC black from AGRU are used.

Manholes made of spiral-wound pipes in PE 100
Manholes made of spiral-wound pipes in PE 100
Connection with products from AGRU
Connection with products from AGRU

Installation, welding

The pipes are connected by butt welding in accordance with DVS 2207, the welding seams from the inside surface are removed by using a special device from the company Widos.

Welding of the drainage pipes
Welding of the drainage pipes
Removing of the welding seams
Removing of the welding seams

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