Concrete protective liner for fish farm in Norway

Food safe concrete protection protects salmon

Fishfarm in Norway

Project name: Norway Salmon Breeding Farm
Project date: 2006 – 2008
Products: 2000m² HDPE white 3 & 4mm - 1200m², HDPE grey 3mm - 2500m², HDPE grey 3mm

Fishfarm in Norway
SureGrip (R) after installation
Piping system of the fishfarm

For several countries fish farms are an essential industrial factor. Due to overfishing of the oceans, several kinds of fish are threatened with extinction.

For Norway salmon farms are an important economic branch of industry. The operators of such fish breeding farms were looking for alternative lining systems regarding better maintenance performance and non-toxic components for the fish and also for human beings.

Those basins out of concrete with typical adhesive coating systems did not perform well and repair intervals were quite short. During high-pressure cleaning blistering and an increase of roughness of the lining occurred.

In 2006 the first installation at a fish farm in Salsbruket (Norway, Nord-Trøndelag) was realized. White polyethylene AGRU-SURE GRIP concrete protective liners (3 mm, specially formulated with food grade and UV-stabilized) were supplied. For the project, which was managed in close cooperation with our distribution partner, precast elements with AGRU-SURE GRIP lining were manufactured in a precast production plant and shipped to the site by sea freight as delivery on road or an in-situ construction were not possible due to economical aspects.

Several other companies were observing the performance and in 2007 some smaller projects were realized. Due to the positive experiences regarding installation, leak tightness and cost savings due to less maintenance, two large fish farming projects in the region of the Lofoten specified AGRU-SURE GRIP for the lining at their concrete basins which were done by in-situ construction in 2008.

Besides the concrete protection also the piping systems out of PE 100 shall be mentioned, as some kilometres of water supply lines are installed for such fish farms. There are up to three water supply pipe lines for the basins with different temperatures to create optimized conditions for healthy fish. This also helps to work without chemicals or antibiotics and to serve the demand on fish without the consumption of natural fish resources.

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