Shaft and pump station lining

Protection against corrosion through AGRU CPL 

Project name: sewer channel emscher
Project date: 2012
PE 100 and HDPE concrete protective liner in grey and black with grey signal color in 5.0mm
semi-finished products
piping systems

construction side BA20 - IAT GmbH 2012

The sewer tunnel Emscher (AKE), also called Emscher Canal, is the main construction project for the reconstruction of the Emschersystem from open to closed sewage disposal in the context to restore the Emscher. The total investment volume of this project amounts to approximately 4.5 billion Euro.

It is a parallel to the river Emscher emerging, subterranean sewerin the Ruhr area. The 51 km long channel begins in the north of the sewage treatment plant Dortmund-Deusen and ends in Dinslaken at the WWTP Emschermündung.

construction side pumpstation Gelsenkirchen - IAT GmbH 2013

The sewer is a reinforced concrete tunnel with an inner diameter from 1.4 to 2.8 m. Two tubes are laid section by section parallel to obtain a larger total cross-section.

Due to the fact that the planned slope of sewers is greater than that on the surface, three underground pumping stations are going to be built 40 m deep, with a diameter of 50 m. In Dortmund, the channel starts at a depth of about 8 meters.

construction side BA30 - STRABAG AG - waterproofing department 2014 - 2017

The pumping station Gelsenkirchen lifts the wastewater around 12 m from about 30 m depth. The pumping station WWTP Bottrop promotes the waste water from 32 m depth to the surface of WWTP Bottrop. The Emscher channel continues at a depth of about 20 m to the direction of Dinslaken. Close to the the city limits of Dinslaken the pumping station of Oberhausen lifts the waste water from a depth of 40 m, and passes it to the WWTP Emschermündung.

construction side BA30 - STRABAG AG - waterproofing department 2014 - 2017

To protect the concrete structures of the pumping stations, as well as the access shafts against possible corrosion, AGRU high quality concrete protective liners are used.

The installation activities were carried out by companies (STRABAG AG waterproofing department and IAT GmbH), which have a long-term experience with the professional installation of AGRU concrete protective liners.

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