Potable water storage tank for luxury city in Qatar

Liners & concrete protective liners for potable water storage pit

Area transfer of AGRU

Project name: Lusail City
Project date: Start 2012/12
Products: 33,600 m² AGRU-SURE GRIP PE 100, 3 mm, 24,000 m² AGRU smooth liner, 3 mm, AGRU welding rod cross section, 4 mm

Installation of the AGRU-SURE GRIP concrete protective liners.
Map Lusail City

Currently one of the biggest construction sites in the world is located 17 km far from the capital of Qatar (Doha). The arising city will be ready by 2022 and provide luxury apartments for around 250,000 inhabitants. Another highlight is the FIFA World Cup which will be held in one of the largest and most modern stadiums in Lusail City.

For such a population a lot of water is needed. The underground potable water storage tanks are currently under construction, each with a capacity of 150,000 cubic meters. For the protection of the concrete foundation as the entire construction against corrosive groundwater (seawater) and infiltrations of media high-quality thermoplastic products from company AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH (Austria) were chosen.

The PE 100 AGRU-SURE GRIP concrete protective liner and the HDPE smooth liner meets the high mechanical demands as the potable water approval of the raw material. These high-quality plastic products are installed and tested by AGRU´s experienced distributor QEMS-Qatar Engineering Material Solution W.L.L. at job site.

Such a project can be only finalized successfully with a material manufacturer and isntallation company with field experience of many years and the desire to develop the high-quality products steadily.

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