AGRU ClosureTurf®

Synthetic turf for landfills

Our subsidiary AGRU America regularly implements challenging projects in the area of closed waste to energy ash landfills. Those sites will be optically adapted to the landscape of the environment by using grass-green, synthetic turf membranes. A regional reference project has been implemented for Covanta Energy in Massachusetts, USA.

AGRU ClosureTurf Geomembranes
Aerial view of Haverhill Landfill during installation.

The robustness and also the minimum amount of maintenance after the installation are just some of the advantages of our ClosureTurf® technology. In addition, it provided around 12,000 m³ of extra capacity for ash, because the 60 cm thick earth cover which is replaced by the synthetic turf, is no longer necessary.

"The system has worked exceptionally well and the ClosureTurf® system has proven itself without maintenance to this day!" - Steve Melloni, landfill manager, Covanta Energy

Another highly satisfied AGRU customer and Covanta Energy plans to continue using  ClosureTurf® in additional site designs.

AGRU ColsureTurf Geomembranes
-With AGRU ColsureTurf® the periodic maintenance costs will be reduced to a minimum.
AGRU ColsureTurf Geomembranes
--left: ClosureTurf relief valves are installed every acre that no gas pockets form. | right: HydroBinder® is used in the slope downchutes to handle high sheer stress and flows.

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