Geomembrane for landfill sealing in Romania

Safe disposal of waste through geomembrane

Progress after 4 days

Project name: Landfill sealing Satu Mare
Project date: 2010
Products: 10,000 m² smooth HDPE liner 2.0 mm, 42,000 m² structured HDPE liner 2.0 mm

Aerial photo of the landfill

Due to Romania‘s accession negotiations with the European Union, some conditions like the protection of the environment or the improvement of the infrastructure had to be fulfilled.

One point was proper waste treatment and the waste storage. A consortium consisting of German and Romanian companies was entrusted with the closure of the existing landfills, and the creation of a landfill in accordance with the latest EU standards in the area of Satu Mare.

The new landfill is located about 4km way from Satu Mare. Besides ancillary facilities for waste separation and waste treatment, the creation of 5 cells for waste storage was planned.

According to the new Romanian communal law, which came into effect on July 16th, 2010, it is not allowed to dump municipal waste in urban landfills. In 2010 the first cell was still under construction, but it was the only landfill in the area of Satu Mare.

The short project execution time was a big challenge, especially because the closure of the other landfills was already decided. The base sealing of cell 1 of the landfill in Satu mare was realized within 3 weeks. Due to the deadline pressure, work was also continued during weekends.

Because of the high number of construction projects in the area of Satu Mare the covering of the liner could not be realized in time. For this reason, the finished surfaces were covered with a 0.2 mm thick UV-resistant protective film to protect the sealing system against the effects of UV radiation.

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