PP piping system for ultra pure water plant

Sewage water transport by piping system of AGRU

The piping system

„Ultra Pure Water“ (UPW) of the highest purity class (>18 MO) for the conveyance of the media in solar cells in photovoltaic (PV) production is required.

It is important to treat sewage in a waste water treatment plant (WWT). As only after this is it allowed to be disposed into public sewage systems, without a negative influence to people and environment. State-of-the-art technologies been applied to a project in South East Asia. A PV fabrication with a production capacity of 400 MW per year has been built.

Pre assembled units for water and sewage water treatment were manufactured and being built in Germany. Simultaneously, the construction of the building and the PV fabrication took place. The total construction time was reduced by this. High-grade thermoplastics were used to realise this project. The fast track delivery of the relevant units to site as well as the fast installation saved significant costs which was crucial to the client. Well-trained technicians for the installation of the system were additionally required.

  • Production of high-grade solar cells in 24/7
  • Demand of 80 m³/h UPW
  • Sewage water quantity amounts to 110 m³/h
The piping system

Ultra pure water plant

The UPW system was installed in different stages, whereas the piping system was assembled on racks. The system was completely transported with the preassembled unit.

The correct choice of material and the quality of the welding joints are the main criteria for a well-run UPW system. This guarantees the high quality standard of the UPW at any time. The individual sections of the system, e.g. pre-filtration, return osmosis (RO), electrode deionisation (EDI), disinfection (UV), etc. pressure pipes out of polypropylene (PP) in the sizes of DN 20 mm - DN 200 mm with a SDR 11 Rating a high purity quality and valves (free of silicon) were used.

A safe and pure joining method is of great importance. The complete piping system was welded by infrared (IR) welding technology with fully automatic welding machines (SP 110-S, SP 250 & SP 315-S) from AGRU.

Sewage water system for processing of chemical effluents

Approximately 110 m³/h effluent from individual production lines have to be processed. Toxic substances which could have negative consequences to the environment and natural water need to be removed.

A multi-stage automatic neutralisation (with continuous processing) is used for treating the accumulating water volume for the neutralisation of acidic sewage. The separation of toxic substances and water is done by making use of gravity in a vast purification plant. The cleaned sewage is filtered to remove residual matter for safety reasons.

A large number of tanks with a total volume of up to 60 m³ were set up in the sewage water pre-treatment facility. The gangway above and between the tanks was installed. Tanks and gangway are made of PP in order to prevent corrosion.

At ambient temperatures and a pressure of maximum 2 bar the AGRU Poly-Flo piping system which transports corrosive and aggressive liquid media (e.g. concentrated hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide) to the actual points is made of PP. A risk to people and environment is excluded. This new double containment system (consisting of extruded double walled pipes and injection moulded fittings) is welded by simultaneous butt welding of the primary and secondary pipes. Another advantage of this system is the improved space management i.e. installation and welding purpose.

Transport and installation

The pre-assembled units, technically approved of in Germany, were loaded into containers and transported to the final destination. The manufacture and joining of the single system components made of high quality PP pipes, PP standard and double containment pipes were realised in a few weeks. All piping systems to and from the processing plants are made by AGRU and joined by IR welding.

The construction of the complete system was executed by:
Company Dr. Kornder GmbH & Co. KG

Support was provided by the partner of AGRU in Germany (Co. Frank) with regards to the correct choice of piping system components for this project.

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