Tank made out of thermoplastic sheets for Panther

Fire-fighting truck with tank made of thermoplastic

Panther by Rosenbauer
The Panther at work

Sheets for special application

For many years our customer Heson Metall- und Kunststofftechnik GmbH has concentrated concentrating on manufacturing water and foam tanks for fire-fighting trucks. For a long time it was only requested by containers to be placed inside the vehicle. Due to an especially developed technology a mounting that meets all static requirements of such system equipment is now enable.

Basic redesign of airport fire-fighting truck’s called Panther; by Rosenbauer required a new designed tank with high stability and impact resistance. A major part of this development was the use of impact resistant thermoplastic AGRU sheets.

Tanks with a maximum volume of 19,000 litres are as high-developed as the entire fire-fighting truck. It fulfils all requirements of modern car body building in terms of functionality and design. For each operating condition statically calculated, the processing technology has been patented.

Varnished is in the same colour as the vehicle and delivered already prefabricated to the assembly factory, tanks are mounted to the fire-fighting truck directly.

Facts, that demonstrate how modern-developed a Panther is to endure: It is always ready, usually two engines are powering it, each up to 625 HP. The Panther accelerates within 28 seconds from 0 to 80 km/h, maximum speed is about 130 km/h.

With this innovative product our customer Heson supports fire-fighting brigades around the world, by protecting wide- bodied aircrafts. Weekly more than two of this thermoplastic tanks are elivered to customers by Heson in Vorchdorf (A).

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