PE 100 tank for acid alkaline wastewater

tank for acid alkaline wastewater
Figure 1: Completed tank for acid alkaline wastewater

Project date: 2017
Location: Yekaterinburg, Russia
Fabricator: Polytechnika LLC
Material: PE-100
Pressure: Atmospheric
Dimension: ID 2200 mm x 5480 mm (21 m³)

About the project

In December 2017, the company Polytechnika LLS manufactured a collection tank made of Polyethylene PE-100 and delivered it to the end customer, which is a specialist in the galvanic industry. In the course of those processes in the galvanic production, acidic and basic waste is generated. This waste is now temporarily stored in the tank.

tank connection flanges and manhole
Figure 2: Finished tank including connection flanges and manhole
Extrusion welding and heated tool butt-welding
Figure 3: Extrusion welding as well as heated tool butt-welding were done

Technical specifications

The tank has an inner diameter of 2200 mm, while the length is 5480 mm. In addition, a manhole with an outer diameter of 500 mm was installed. Further features of the collector are conically reinforced bases, technological nozzles with connection flanges and fastening elements. All PE 100 materials were obtain from AGRU.


Specialized welders who are certified according to the NAKS (National Welding Control Authority) system carried out all welding activities that occurred in the context of the production of the collecting tank. In addition to extrusion welding, heated tool butt-welding was done in accordance to the DVS 2207 standard.

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