Scrubber in PP

Components of the scrubber in PP

PP-H grey sheets, pipes and fittings

The company TEHNIKA K.B., located in Belgrad, is a leader in engineering, production and processing of thermoplastic materials. Tehnika KB designs and manufactures high-quality products and equipment, the company  totally fulfills and  meets the requirements, needs and expectations of its customers in the design of equipment and plants in the process industry. A large scrubber for waste gases purification was realized from 2017-2020.

Components of the scrubber in PP
Figure 1: Components of the scrubber in PP

Project Date: Finished in 2020
Manufacturer: TEHNIKA K.B.
Material: PP-H grey sheets, pipes, fittings, welding rod
Media: Waste gases from a scrubber
Pressure: Various
Temperature: Ambient up to 90°C
Dimensions: DN 6000 mm

About the project

The scrubber was constructed by using PP-H semi-finished products produced by AGRU. Sheets, pipes, fittings have been well chosen due to fact the requirements on the products in this application are incredible high (also considering minus temperatures in this outdoor application).

Technical specifications

The components for the scrubber and the chimney were designed to withstand extreme conditions. Partly the parts were made by producing fiber reinforced components (fabric backed polypropylene sheets of AGRU and FRP technology). Solid walled sheets in the thicknesses from 3-40 mm were used for the various compo-nents. The whole engineering work and calculations have been done by the company TEHNIKA K.B., keeping strictly the DVS guidelines. This work was an extraordinary challenge considering the weight of some tons/segment. Not only the technical dimensioning considering the extreme conditions of the application were to be considered, also a main focus was necessary on the transport and handling of these components.

high weight components in PP
Figure 2: Scrubber in PP and high weight components in PP
Scrubber in PP

Production and welding

Besides design, dimensioning, calculation of scrubber and chimney in accordance to the DVS guidelines also the manufacture and joining between the different technical components were done and carried out in compliance to the DVS guidelines. Welding was done by keeping the DVS guideline in a perfect way. The FRP reinforcement of PP components (basic product: AGRU sheets fabric backed) was carried out by experts.

Advantages of semi-finished products out of PP from AGRU

  • Polypropylene has a low density of 0.91 g/cm³ and is therefore suitable for such constructions
  • Polypropylene is characterized by its good chemical resistance, due to the choice of taking AGRU’s PP sheets for these scrubbers the chemical resistance against the present chemical media is guaranteed
  • Due to its high stiffness but good thermoformability and optimal welding properties PP products are reliably (a safe solution) and fulfil requirements on the strength
  • Pipes, fittings and semi-finished products of AGRU are produced of raw materials with highest quality, to realize such a project a perfect chain beginning from the raw material, further to the products, continuing with the design and finishing with  the fabricator must work in a perfect way
FRP part in PP
Figure 3: FRP part in PP and handling/manipulation on site
handling/manipulation on site

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