Tank construction in Russia

Tank Construction AGRU

Semi-finished products from AGRU are ideally suited for the manufacture of industrial containers that must be resistant to aggressive media. This is because the thermoplastics we process offer low adhesion, are inert to aggressive environments and can be used in a wide temperature range. Our customer LLC Polytechnika, Russia, Yekaterinburg, is an experienced tank manufacturer who has relied on our high product quality for years.

PP tank construction agru semi-finished sheets
Tank construction in top quality from our high-quality PP-H sheets.
AGRU supplied also semi-finished sheets made of PE 100. Scroll down for more information about PE tanks.

PP-H Tank for aluminium sulphate

The city of Yekaterinburg is the most important industrial metropolis of the Urals. The headquarters of the tank manufacturer Polytechnika is located here. The main activity of the company is the development and production of industrial tanks and equipment from chemical-resistant engineering thermoplastics (polypropylene, polyethylene, PVDF, etc.). This results in high-quality equipment with a long service life that meets all the requirements of occupational health and safety.

For an industrial company in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the company manufactured a vertical, cylindrical tank made of polypropylene sheets, which AGRU supplied. The tank in PPH grey has a capacity of 14.8 m³ and has a diameter of 2750 mm at a height of 2900 mm. In future, liquid aluminium sulphate, a very acidic and aggressive medium, is to be stored in its interior without pressure. The operating temperature is 60° Celsius. These are therefore ideal operating conditions for our material polypropylene.

Polytechnika did not only have to manufacture the shell of the tank. In precise detail work, two hatches, nozzles with union flanges, fastening elements, seals, eyelets for lifting and mounting were manufactured and installed in addition to the floor and roof. For this purpose, our semi-finished sheets were processed on a CNC milling machine and joined by manual extrusion welding by certified welders according to the German DVS 2205 standard.

The container meets all requirements of the Russian TECHNICAL CUSTOMS UNION REGULATION TR CU 010/2011 on the safety of machinery and equipment and can be used in hazardous production facilities.

Pickling tanks made of PP-H sheets

Another project of Polytechnika are these impressive pickling tanks made of PP-H grey, which are used for pickling steel wire. The end customer in Kazakhstan uses the polypropylene circulation tanks to clean steel wire from scale. AGRU supplied the necessary sheets for this. The operating conditions in the etching bath with 20% hydrochloric acid and temperatures of 70° can be easily handled by our material. The production of the up to seven meter long tanks was carried out according to DVS 2205.

agru Pickling tanks pp sheets
Pickling tanks up to seven metres long are made from our PP-H sheets.

PE tank for hydrochloric acid solution

The experts at Polytechnika design in the Tank Designer program according to the German DVS 2205 standard and manufacture tanks for aggressive applications also from PE 100. The tanks are equipped with hatches, the necessary nozzles with flanges, seals, fastening elements, eyes for lifting and mounting. This tank here has a volume of 14 m³ and a diameter of 2.4 m at a height of 3.4 metres. It is used to hold and deliver a washing solution containing 5% hydrochloric acid at a temperature of 40°. AGRU supplied semi-finished sheets made of PE 100.

completely assembled PE tank
The completely assembled PE tank, which contains a hydrochloric acid washing solution.

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