PP-H tanks for vegetable oil

AGRU delivered semi-finished products, pipes and fittings for the production of vegetable oil tanks for mayonnaise production. In order to meet the customer requirements, all tanks were provided with hatches, eyelets for lifting and mounting, the required nozzles with flanges, various fastening elements and seals.

Semi-finished products in use
PP-H tank made of AGRU semi-finished products.

Manufacturer: Polytechnika LLC
Material: PP-H grey sheets, pipes, fittings, welding rod
Medium: Refined, deodized vegetable oil
Pressure: Atmospheric
Temperature: 70 °C
Dimension: Tankdesign 1: OD 2000 mm x 3925 mm (10 m³) / 4 pcs. Tankdesign 2: OD 2410 mm x 3035 mm (10.6 m³) / 2 pcs. Tankdesign 3: OD 1820 mm x 3925 mm (8.6 m³) / 2 pcs.     
Location: Yekaterinburg

Semi-finished tanks
The installed tanks for mayonnaise production.

Eight tanks for mayonnaise production

A total of eight tanks were delivered and installed, although there are differences in terms of size. Four pieces each have a diameter of 2000 mm, a height of 3925 mm and a capacity of 10 m³. The two largest containers have a capacity of 10.6 m³, which corresponds to a diameter of 2410 mm and a height of 3035 mm. In addition, two smaller tanks with dimensions of OD 1820 mm x 3925 mm were manufactured. The capacity is 8.6 m³. As mentioned at the beginning, the focus of the process is on the uptake and release of vegetable oil. The production of any kind of food requires a high degree of purity in its manufacturing processes. Accordingly, as in this case when processing mayonnaise, only high-quality plastics that are approved for food production may be used. AGRU PP-H materials can comply with these specifications and thus guarantee the safe use of the products in contact with drinking water as well as with food. The operating temperature of the medium is 70 ° C and the prevailing pressure is atmospheric.

Tanks on the lorry
Four of the eight tanks had to be assembled directly on the job site.

Production, installation and welding

One challenge was the fact, that four of the eight tanks had to be assembled directly on the job site. In the course of this, the materials that were necessary for the commissioning were placed on the site through dismantled window openings on the 5th floor. All processes in terms of material processing were carried out on a CNC milling machine. Certified NAKS welders carried out the welding work in accordance with the German DVS standards 2203-2207. In addition to manual extrusion welding, butt welding performed on a Wegener device was also used.

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