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AGRU Employees

AGRU currently employs competent staff all over the world who are not only aware of their responsibility for the quality of our products, but also for customer service, as reflected in customer satisfaction feedback.

Offering an attractive work environment is AGRU's primary focus; this allows us to achieve something great and put in excellent performance. The company always seeks to give each individual the opportunity to become actively involved in AGRU, and thus individually develop their own personality. Another of our focuses at AGRU is supporting staff in assuming personal responsibility and motivating our staff.

AGRU employees

AGRU is characterized by the many internal and external training sessions for our loyal customers and staff. Quality vocational and ongoing training is of great value to our enterprise and is a mark of our quality. For this reason, AGRU views it as our responsibility to offer our staff the necessary framework conditions for a variety of vocational training and ongoing training programs.

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