AGRU Award 2020 winners

AGRU presents the winners of the AGRU Award 2020. Our customers could submit outstanding projects, extremely successful market development measures and beautiful photos in the categories Project, Product and Picture. This time the winners come from...

... Korea and Austria.

These are the AGRU Award winners 2020:

•    Project Award: AGRU Korea Industry Co.,Ltd
•    Product Award: P&P Industries AG
•    Picture Award: PEER Wasserbau GmbH. & Co. KG.

The AGRU Project Award is presented by our application technology department for technically particularly demanding projects. This time the winner is our partner AGRU Korea Industry Co.,Ltd, which was responsible for the acquisition and management of the KALI Project in Kuwait. The world's largest fully pressure-resistant HDPE pipe was installed there. AGRU produced the pipe in the XXL Pipe Production Facility and towed it across the Atlantic and Indian Ocean to Kuwait. AGRU manufactured extra long pipe strings with maximum lengths of 523 m and maximum OD of 3260 mm for the seawater intake and outfall line of the process water circuit in its XXL Pipe Production Facility in the United States.

The AGRU Product Award is presented to customers who achieved a significant increase in sales with an AGRU product or an AGRU product line in the last or current fiscal year or who entered a new market. This time the award was given for the extremely positive development of PVDF-EL pipes for particle filter applications, which was driven by the Austrian P&P Industries AG. The particle filters are used in flue gas scrubbing systems for power plants, waste incineration plants and industrial plants as well as for sulphuric acid production. On the one hand, this award is intended to be a recognition of the great development work. On the other hand, we would also like to express our thanks for the extremely good cooperation we have had in recent years and will hopefully have in the future. Click for more Information.

The AGRU Picture Award is presented to AGRU customers who have used AGRU products in the last or current fiscal year to photograph aesthetically or artistically particularly valuable application pictures or have filmed a project. This year the award goes to PEER WASSERBAU GmbH. & Co. KG., a recognised specialist company in the fields of hydraulic engineering, structural and civil engineering. Last year, they installed a new parallel sea pressure pipe made of the high quality plastic PE 100-RC in Fuschlsee. The double pipeline crosses the crystal-clear alpine lake with drinking water quality in its entire length and transports the sewage of the municipality of Fuschl am See, between 600 and 900 cubic metres daily, from one shore to the other.

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