AGRU COOLSAFE for liquids up to -30°C

AGRU COOLSAFE double containment pipes and fittings are developed for transporting low temperature liquids up to -30°C.

The AGRU COOLSAFE product line is a double containment piping and fitting system out of high grade PE 100 material with insulation foam between the inside and the outside pipe. Post-insulation of the pipe is not necessary, the insulation foam is protected against UV radiation and surrounding conditions by the outside pipe.

Due to the low weight and the well known and proven welding methods like simultaneous butt-welding or electrofusion welding the installation is very safe and the installation times are very short.

Main applications are pipelines for the secondary cooling system of food and beverage production, cold store, commercial refrigeration, cooling applications in commercial buildings, pharmaceutical industry and data storages.  For all these applications it is necessary to have a reliable and leak proof system. Therefore PE 100 is the perfect material.

Here you will find our complete product range of the AGRU COOLSAFE System.

Look to our product sheet to find more information.




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