AGRU Induktofix System

The newly developed Induktofix system for a penetrative welding

The AGRU Induktofix® system was developed for the mechanically assembling of thermoplastic lining systems onto concrete structures without penetration of the lining systems itself. The AGRU Induktofix system is compatible with the AGRU Sure Grip® concrete protective liner, Hydro Click and geomembranes.



  1. For the installation of the lining system the Induktofix welding discs have to be mechanically fixed onto the existing concrete structure. Therefore no extensive preparation of the concrete surface is required.
  2. Removement of anchor studs by stud cutter at the concrete protective liner.
  3. Positioning of the concrete protective liner and the induction welding machine.
  4. Welding of the Induktofix welding disc with the Sure Grip concrete protective liner by induction welding machine.


Main advantages

  • Mechanically assembling of the lining system without penetration
  • Reduction of the welding work compared to conventional assembling systems
  • Induktofix welding discs can be placed variable or in predefined patter
  • The annular space between the CPL and the existing concrete structure has not be filled with additional concrete (similar to the HYDROCLICK system)
  • Reduction of the installation costs


Fields of application

The main application of the Induktofix system is the renovation of existing concrete structures. This system can be used also for the temporary fixation of geomembranes, for example at tunnel constructions either or the sealing of the arch with Hydro Click / concrete protective liner.

  • Secondary Containment
  • Basins
  • Digestors
  • Tunnels
  • Store tanks


Watch our Induktofix brochure (PDF)

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