AGRU large diameter electro-fusion coupler – NEW Dimensions

Because of the positive customer response further technical optimisations were carried out and the product range of the large dimension e-couplers was expanded. Due to the new innovative manufacturing method from AGRU, machined e-couplers in dimensions 560 mm up to 1400 mm are now available.

Advantages and attributes: 

  • All dimensions with bifilar welding system
  • Heating wire is fully embedded by special and unique production method
  • EF couplers are made out of PE 100 RC providing improved welding performance and long term joint quality
  • Suitable for fusion of PE 80, PE 100 and PE 100-RC pipes
  • Pre-heating function to close the gaps
  • Tension belts to prevent the expansion and to provide the welding pressure during a welding process 

Supply range: 

Dimensions SDR 17Dimensions SDR 11
 560 mm560 mm
630 mm630 mm
710 mm710 mm
800 mm800 mm
900 mm900 mm
1000 mm
1200 mm
1400 mm


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