AGRU MICRO SPIKE HighGrip for enhanced friction

The new MICRO SPIKE HighGrip Geomembrane was especially developed for steep slopes and promises better slope stability due to an improved spike design...


The AGRU MICRO SPIKE HighGrip liner is a further development of our MST+/MSB liners that has proven it's reliability over the last decade. We have relocated and optimized the position of the spikes on the one side and developed a total new form on the other side. It is a promising product more than 20,000 spikes per square meter on each site.


Product description

MICRO SPIKE HighGrip has its texture embossed during the manufacturing process and the spikes are an integral part of the geomembrane. This results in an uniform and consistent surface with high friction values with many typical interface materials such as geocomposites, geotextiles, GCL´s and soils. The excellent shear strength is already verified by tests. Due to the new structure higher slope angles are possible, which increases the storage capacity of landfill or artificial ponds accordingly.

The spikes are fully integrated and a homogeneous part of the liner. As a result the textured surface resists abrasion and the spikes cannot be loosened mechanically nor by chemicals as it can happen with sprayed on structures.



  • Improved slope stability*
  • Microstructure between spikes to enhance friction
  • Uniform appearance
  • No structure in welding area

Click here for the broschure.



*The shearing strenght significantly depends on the shering parnter (e.g. type of geotextile). We recommend to make project specific tests to evaluate the contact shearing strength for the shearing partners used at the project.

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