Bridge building with high quality products

Nowadays high grade thermoplastic products are used for bridge constructions, because thermoplastic materials are particularly suitable for bridge buildings. Their good durability, the flexible material, the easy handling and installation and the UV resistance are only a few of all advantages of these materials.

Due to the fact that bridges are in motion or can deteriorate by chemicals, sea or salt water these advantages must not be neglected. However, also environmental effects like earthquakes can cause serious damages on wrongly designed buildings; therefore it is very important using the right materials. AGRU already applied high-grade thermoplastic products for beam bridges, cantilever bridges, arch bridges, cable-stayed bridges and truss bridge constructions as in this sector there is a wide field of applications for AGRU high-grade products.

On the one hand PE 100/PE 100-RC can be used for surface water drainage, water supply and deicing systems and on the other hand PE 100/PE 100-RC pipes as well as spiral pipes and well pipes are able to protect stay cables. For the protection of the underground-surface of bridges and the bridge piles AGRU concrete protective liners or pipe linings are most suitable. The advantages of high-quality thermoplastic products for bridge constructions in detail:

  •    Good durability
  •    Flexible material
  •    Superior chemical resistance
  •    Good resistance against environmental effects
  •    No environmental impact during installation (preparation, processing, adhesive)
  •    Easy handling
  •    Easy installation
  •    Good weldability
  •    UV resistance
  •    Clean material
  •    Physiologically harmless
  •    Environmentally friendly – halogen free

 Production of white bridge pipes:

The production of white bridge pipes is done in 2 production steps. The first step is the production of the pipes by extrusion process on most modern extruder units. After this as a second step two spirals are placed on the outside of the pipe. Under 45° the approximate 2mm high spirals are welded around the pipe that is done with a special developed machine from AGRU. On this machine our complete supply program of bridge pipes can be made in different colors.

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