Electro Fusion Couplers for Large Diameter Pipes

Nowadays, the installation of water or sewage systems without E-fusion fittings is hard to imagine. Expanding fields of application have motivated AGRU to continuously expand its supply range and to fulfil market requirements.

E-fusion fittings from OD 800 mm up to OD 1,000 mm in SDR 17 are currently part of AGRU‘s product range. Until 2012 the range was extended by OD 1,200 mm. The main application field for the large diameter e-couplers up to OD 1,400 mm can be found in the pipe rehabilitation and maintenance, as well as in the integration of new branch connections, therefore OD 1,400 mm is coming soon!

 The System

Large diameter e-couplers ≥OD 800 mm are provided in a „bifilar system“, meaning with a separate electric circuit on each coupler side. For gap closing reason in between coupler and pipe, the coupler has to be heated before the welding process. The pre-heating, as well as welding parameters, can be scanned from the barcodes to the welding machine. Tension belts mounted in the fusion area support the welding pressure supply and prevent outside expansion of the coupler.

 Reference project:

During a construction job, beginning in June 2011 in Frankfurt, a PE 100 sewage pressure pipe OD 1,000 mm SDR 26 was damaged. The repair work took place under time pressure and very limited space conditions inside the trench. For the repair work, the pipe installation company Fritz was authorised. The defected pipe with 1.8 m length was cut out and replaced by a new pipe. Two e-couplers were pre-mounted as slide-on couplers. Finally, the two e-couplers were slided back to their correct position and welded tight “just in time”.

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