Available now: AGRU Large Diameter PE pipes in dimensions up to OD 2500mm

AGRU is a large supplier of plastic piping system with the experience of more than 50 years. Since 2010 AGRU is producing large diameter pipes using specific extrusion technology. This new technology developed by AGRU enables to produce large PE pipes with:

  • Very smooth inside and outside surface
  • High roundness of the pipe
  • Uniform wall thickness on the pipe circumference

This special product features ensure highest quality (especially for welding) as well as long life in operation. Pipes and fittings are manufactured acc. to ISO 4427 and EN 12201 standard.

Large diameter PE pipes are equal suitable and used for onshore (land) and offshore (marine) applications. AGRU has developed various logistic methods for the transport of large diameter pipes from the factory to the job sites. Based on the project requirement the optimal solutions for transport (train, truck, bulk shipment, towing) can be offered. Stringent quality control during production, before shipment and loading ensures to our clients that only high quality products are supplied to the site.

Main benefits of large diameter PE pipes in installation and operation:

  • Flexibility which allows to install the pipes for small changes in direction without using elbows as well allow to install the pipes in long strings offshore by the float and sink method.
  • Corrosion resistant (best suitable long-term seawater contact, no need for cathodic protection).
  • Non toxic / physiological harmless (best suitable for transport of potable/drinking water).
  • High abrasion resistant.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Best hydraulic properties and no incrustations during long-termoperation ensure no changes of hydraulic properties over long operating periods -> reduced head loss resulting in lower cost of pumping.
  • High fatigue strength provides higher safety for handling compared to any other pipe materials as well less sensitivity against water hammers.
  • Light weight (density of ~0,95 g/cm³) reduces costs for handling as well as gives buoyancy in water.
  • Proven long life time resulting in lower OPEX costs for the end user
  • Easy and fast to install whereby various installation methods depending on the application are available.
  • Substantial cost saving in installation compared to other pipe materials because of the fast and safe welding process and long pipe length which can be provided from the factory.
  • Lower transport costs and no need of heavy lifting equipment at site.

Large diameter PE pipes from AGRU are best suitable and proven in the following applications:


  • Water pipelines
  • Irrigation pipelines
  • Underground and above ground storage tanks
  • Bunkers
  • Process cooling water installations for industrial factories and power plants
  • Waste water pipes
  • Rehabilitation of underground pipes
  • Slurry handling pipes (e.g. mining industry)


  • Cooling water intake and discharge pipelines for power plants
  • Sea water intakes and brine outfalls for seawater desalination plants
  • Marine waste water discharges
  • Marine installed drinking water pipelines
  • Offshore installed waste water collection pipelines

AGRU offers the most complete supply range manufactured by our single source production capability.

Special items such as diffuser risers, intake heads, as well as prefabricated spool pieces, instrumentation fittings are available project-based on clients request. All these items can be manufactured in AGRU’s own welding department or at qualified local partners (agents) of AGRU in various countries worldwide to reduce shipping costs and lead times.

Do you have big visions? - No limits with PE large diameter pipes!

AGRU large diameter pipes are applied successfully since years for ONSHORE and OFFSHORE installations.

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