Re-closable branches in no time

The new generation of the AGRU pressure tapping valve (DAV) offers the opportunity to create re-closable branches in no time on PE pipes for potable water and gas.

Fully embedded heating wire provides

    • Easy-to-clean welding surface
    • Protection against corrosion
    • Uniform and material friendly heat distribution in the welding area

Premium material PE 100-RC provides

    • Outstanding resistance against slow crack growth
    • Cost savings through installation without sand bed

Special design provides

    • Fast installation through mounting belt and screws
    • Reduced space requirements
    • Low weight
    • Short welding times
    • Cutting punch made of stainless steel for chipless tapping
    • Low torque during the tapping process
    • Actuation with max. 10.5 turns, fixed stops against over-twisting
    • Low pressure loss

Guaranteed traceability of each part through

    • Running serial number
    • Traceability code

Leak tight welding and tapping under max. allowable pressure



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