Synthetic GK fabric backing system is renamed to SK+

AGRU Austria has acquired the fluoropolymer production from the Swiss company Quadrant EPP AG. With the addition of these new materials, previous marketed as Symalit, AGRU will further strengthen its’ global leading position in the fluoropolymer products business. AGRU is now able to offer new knitted textile systems for the production of fabric backed sheets and pipes. To adjust the brand name for the synthetic fabric backing to the market situation, AGRU has decided to change the brand name from GK to SK+. While material on stock will still carry the name GK for some time, all produced extruded after 01.09.2016 will be labelled with SK+.

What means SK+?

  • SK = synthetic fabric backing system
  • The plus "+" stands for the outstanding chemical and hydrolysis resistance

Fabric backing systems from Symalit


SK+ (previously GK)
Synthetic fabric backing

-     High bonding strength
-     High hydrolysis resistance
-     High resistance against acids 
      (e.g. HCl and HF)
-     Easy fabrication
-     Easy welding preparation

Glass fabric backing

-     Available for all materials
-     High temperature stability
-     High bonding strength
-     Excellent thermoformability


The table below shows all possible material- and fabric backing combinations. Furthermore all product codes are shown.


Fabric backing system



Synthetic fabric

670, 671, 743, 743.1

PVDF polyester fabric

Polyester fabric

610, 615

PVDF glass fabric

Glass fabric

620, 625


Synthetic fabric

670, 671, 743, 743.1

ECTFE glass fabric

Glass fabric

620, 625


Glass fabric

680, 681, 742, 742.1


Glass fabric

680, 681, 742, 742.1


Customer Impact of Change:

There will be no impact to customers because only the name changes. AGRU will continue to use the same synthetic fabric backing which is processed on the same production line according to the same product standards.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office ( if you should have any questions.

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