AGRU donates PLA welding material

Grupo Quero has received a PLA welding rod pallet for the manufacture of coronavirus protective masks from AGRU.

AGRU donates PLA welding material for the manufacture of protective masks

Grupo Quero would like to thank AGRU, and in particular Mr. Alois Gruber, for his generous contribution to our company to help the fight against this disease.

From the beginning of May, Grupo Quero is distributing the PLA rods contained in this pallet. They have been sent to anonymous collaborators who, through different entities, contribute to the support and the manufacturing of the protective masks. In addition, collaborators are purchasing the protective screens to deliver the fully finished equipment. In total, there have been four donations to anonymous collaborators.

The manufacturing design and distribution of each of the collaborators are very diverse, but the most important subject is the final destination of these masks: health and state security forces, who are two of the groups most exposed to possible contact with the coronavirus.

One of these anonymous collaborators is handing over the masks (image 2) to the Civil Guard, for the protection of their staff.

Another collaborator manufactures the masks in his house and distributes them with the help of the national police, who is in charge of supplying them to police stations, residences and retirement homes or anywhere else where they where needed.

The "buscadorsolidario" is another prominent and anonymous contributor. From his own initiative, he is dedicated to organizing, distributing, seeking donations of all kinds of materials for health care and other groups (police, people with autism, elderly people, etc. ) and to print visors with the help of a 3D printer.

Finally, there is COVID fighters, a collective initiative that has the collaboration of several companies, individuals and even celebrities who lend their image and their testimony to the cause. With a much greater manufacturing and distribution capacity, COVID fighters have received, from the facilities of Grupo Quero, eight boxes with PLA rods.

The solidarity wave won't stop. We are confident that donations and voluntary work will continue until the pandemic is fully controlled. Thank you from the heart to all the people committed to this project!

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