ECTFE sheets up to 50 mm thickness

AGRU has been producing compression-moulded sheets from various polymers for several decades.

Since there is no material flow during compression moulding and due to the slow, uniform and gentle cool down process, these sheets are stress relieved. Consequently, they are particularly suitable for machining dimensionally accurate parts.

Through persistent development and optimization of the production process of pressed sheets, it is now possible for AGRU to compression mould ECTFE sheets with a thickness of 50 mm. The increased thickness gives additional possibilities to fabricators, because now even larger parts can be machined from ECTFE.

ECTFE is partially fluorinated and consists of a copolymer with ethylene and chlortrifluorethylene arranged alternately. This chemical structure leads to a unique combination of properties. ECTFE has an outstanding resistance against aggressive chemicals up to 120 °C. It is also resistant to radiation and weathering. As a result, ECTFE is perfectly suitable for demanding industrial applications.

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    ECTFE Pressplatte 2000 mm x 1000 mm x 50 mm

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