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Novel plastic composite pipe prevents diffusion

With storage capacities of around six billion cubic metres of natural gas, RAG Austria AG is the largest gas and thus energy storage company in Austria. Delivered gas is temporarily stored in depleted natural gas reservoirs. Since natural gas absorbs moisture in the reservoir, it is dried and cleaned after extraction.

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PE 100-RC pipes cool Vienna

Wien Energie is building a new district cooling centre on Stubenring. AGRULINE PE 100-RC pipes transport Danube water to the new district cooling centre. There the water is cooled with the help of refrigeration machines.

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ECTFE SK+ dual-laminate chimney stack

AGRU customers realized the replacement and installation of a ECTFE SK+ dual-laminate chimney stack for sulphuric acid fumes for a sulphuric acid plant

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Storage pond for SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental

Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental is getting an additional storage pond for artificial snowmaking. The pond holds 155,700 m³ of spring water. The waterproofing is done with AGRU HDPE waterproofing membranes MIKROSPIKE HighGrip in 2.5 mm thickness.

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Lining of a vessel and a funnel for concrete

Atolli Oy was tasked by Finland´s biggest concrete company to line one of their cylindric vessels and a funnel with PE 100-RC.

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Photo: Dietmar Stiplovsek

Largest PE pipe in Austria laid in Lake Constance

The provincial capital of Bregenz is securing its sewer system against flooding. To this end, the 900-meter-long emergency overflow of the wastewater treatment plant is being relocated. In addition, a new flood pumping station is being built, which will pump 4000 liters per second when completed. AGRU supplied 280 linear meters of large-diameter pipes with an outside diameter of 1800 mm in SDR 26.

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Concrete anchor injection molded

The new AGRU concrete anchor was developed to guarantee a tight mechanical connection to the concrete structure. Previously this was often accomplished by unique customer solutions.

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Improved water quality with HYDROCLICK

In Raahe, Finland, a concrete reservoir of feeding water for boiler was rehabilitated. In order to ensure a better quality of the water entering the boiler, the previous lining system (epoxy coating) needed to be replaced with the HYDROCLICK system.

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Lining with the electrically conductive thermoplast PVDF-el ESD for a chemical group

PVDF-el ESD Fabric Backed Sheets inside a waste-water tank.

The company Kunststoffe Lauing Nachf. GmbH was tasked by a prestigious chemical group with the lining of a steel tank for waste water containing cresol and toluene.

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Reliable pipework for decades

Piping systems that reduce your TCO


The total cost of ownership (TCO) of a piping system depends on several factors such as material, design of pipes and fittings and maintenance intervals.

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