Regionality matters: Suppliers profit in Steyr-Land

Under the motto "Regionality matters" of the initiative Steyrland, AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH awarded contracts around four new warehouse lifts to local companies.

The initiative Steyrland, an association of regional companies, is intended to contribute to the social, economic and ecological upgrading of the Steyr-Land district. Its members want to develop their own business as well as the region with its excellent quality of life step by step and thus profit together. Wherever possible, the company AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Bad Hall therefore awards its investment contracts to local companies.

Steyrland is a network of over 100 industrial and commercial companies. Under the motto "Regionality matters" the members strive to live sustainably in their own region in a globalized world. In doing so the preservation of value creation and quality of life in Steyr-Land is of utmost importance. For the construction of a new storage area at the Bad Hall site, Steyrland member AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH set a good example and awarded the contracts for four new storage lifts to local companies.

New warehouse lifts save 400 pallet storage spaces

For more than 70 years, AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH has been manufacturing sustainable solutions from engineering plastics that are used to protect the environment, supply water and gas, and produce high-tech products. Pipe systems, which are produced in Bad Hall, are a sub-segment of this. So-called heating coil fittings are used to join individual pipes, and large quantities of copper wire are required for their production. The storage of the copper wire coils was modernized, for which four vertical storage lifts, each 14 m high, were purchased from the Kardex company. AGRU benefits from faster access times and now saves 400 pallet storage spaces in production with the new solution. Since the room height is fully utilized, up to 4 x 1180 pieces of copper wire coils can be stored. The freed-up space is now used for packing the molded parts.

Regional suppliers benefit from important orders

And this is where the Steyrland success story starts: all the work for the 100 m² addition to the four storage lifts was awarded to regional companies, two of which are Steyrland members. The company HOVA (Adlwang) supplied a rail crane system for ergonomic loading and unloading of the warehouse lift. And the company Hartl Metall (Waldneukirchen) was commissioned with the steel construction work for the steel structure. A successful example of neighborly help in Covid 19 times.
Martin Hartl, Managing Director of Hartl Metall, comments: "We are now the second generation to carry out steel construction and locksmith work for AGRU and are growing with the challenges we face. We are proud to count AGRU, a strong regional business partner, among our long-standing regular customers. Fast response times, mutual appreciation and value creation in the Steyr-Land region are thus guaranteed."
Daniel Holzner, Sales Manager at HOVA adds: "This investment project ensures sustainability through short delivery routes and also strengthens the regional economy. We secure jobs in the Steyr-Land district and train apprentices from the surrounding area. The Steyr-Land network enables a perfect platform to present the company in the region."

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