The AGRU Stop-Off-Saddle is used wherever damage to gas pipes must be repaired quickly and when there are no valves to shut off.

The Stop-Off-Saddle is welded to the desired pipe location and then the balloon positioning device is mounted onto the saddle. The pipe must be tapped through the Stop-Off-Saddle, a sealing balloon is then inserted and inflated. This seals the pipe from the inside and stops the gas flow.
Once the repairs are completed, the balloon is removed and a metallic plug closes the opening of the clamp. After removing the balloon positioning device, the additional PE sealing cap is screwed to the clamp.

Stop-Off-Saddle by AGRU
Stop-Off-Saddle by AGRU

Advantages & attributes:

Dimensions AGRU Stopp off Saddle
Dimensions AGRU Stopp off Saddle


Fully embedded heating coil
• Easy to clean welding surfaces
• Protection against corrosion
• Even and gentle heat distribution in the welding zone

High quality material PE 100-RC
• Highest resistance to slow crack growth
• Cost savings by omitting the sand bed

Special construction features
• Quick installation with fixation straps and screws
• Little need for space

Guaranteed traceability of each component
• Due to continuous serial number and traceability code

Contact Person:

Technical Engineering

Berger Kurt
+43 (0) 7258 790-3308
Vukelja Mario
+43 (0) 7258 790-3318




AGRU Stopp off Saddle
AGRU Stopp off Saddle

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