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MICRO SPIKE on steep slope

AGRU MICRO SPIKE HighGrip for enhanced friction

The new MICRO SPIKE HighGrip Geomembrane was especially developed for steep slopes and promises better slope stability due to an improved spike design...

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HTRPE geomembrane used in geothermal power plant in New Zealand

High Temperature Resistant Geomembrane

AGRU for many years has supplied PE pipes for hot water applications. With this vast knowledge and experience AGRU developed...

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Koralmtunnel with VLD-PE Tunnel liner

Tunnel liner for railway connection

The section KAT 1 of the Koralm Tunnel, which is the new railway connection between Graz and Klagenfurt, was completed in November 2013. For this section, more than 130 000 m² AGRUFLEX tunnel liners were used successfully.

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Draft Electro Fusion Coupler for Larg Diameter Pipes

Electro Fusion Couplers for Large Diameter Pipes

Nowadays, the installation of water or sewage systems without E-fusion fittings is hard to imagine. Expanding fields of application have motivated AGRU to continuously expand its supply range and to fulfil market requirements.

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Bridge with pillars and columns

Bridge building with high quality products

Nowadays high grade thermoplastic products are used for bridge constructions, because thermoplastic materials are particularly suitable for bridge buildings. Their good durability, the flexible material, the easy handling and installation and the UV resistance are only a few of all advantages of these materials.

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Cover prodcut group PURAD

PURAD PVDF Ultra High Purity Piping for Ultra Pure Water Applications

As the semiconductor industry develops finer structures for the microchips, specifications for the UPW are increasing. To meet these requirements as well as tomorrows demands AGRU processes

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