“The access to a minimum of 20 litres of affordable clear water per day shall be a basic human right.“
Thomas Zeller | DEZA, Switzerland

AGRU HYDROCLICK potable water


Potable water is one of our world’s necessities. The need for a good potable water supply is one of our  biggest challenges. Providing sufficient potable water is a key issue of our times, careful handling of our water reserves is a priority. For more than 40 years AGRU has manufactured and supplied high-grade thermoplastic solutions for the transport and storage of valuable water resources.

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The system

The HYDROCLICK system has been developed in cooperation with the Swiss company ETERTUB AG. This company has specialised in potable water applications from the tapping of springs to water storage for more than 30 years. The HYDROCLICK design provides a fast and safe installation for both, new constructions and renovations. The system consists of a sheet with click and distance studs on one side and the click profile. AGRU extrudes this sheet in one process by calendaring technology.

The material polyethylene 80 blue is perfectly suited for this application due to the need for purity, mechanical strength and long life expectancy.


The click profile is aligned to the click studs of the sheet. The profile has a  co-extruded electroconductive layer which provides the counter electrode for discontinuity (holiday) testing. Therefore easy and fast control of the joint area after welding is granted.

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  • Frost-proof
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Resistant to chlorination (up to 3 mg/l)
  • Long life expectancy (> 50 years)
  • Complete leak control
  • High surface quality, no deposits
  • Easy to maintain and suitable for high-pressure cleaning
  • Resistant to micro-organic corrosion



  • Clean installation (pre-treatment of existing structure is not necessary)
  • Short installation time
  • Prefabrication of components is possible
  • Completely sealed joints
  • Low maintenance
  • Inspection is simplified due to light-coloured surface
  • Only small entry openings required (to bring sheets into the tank)

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Step by step

Many reservoirs have been in use for many years. They deteriorate with time and do not pass the stringent quality requirements of today.
The HYDROCLICK lining system has been developed to solve these problems. It is suitable for new installations and retrofits.


Step 1:     
The click profiles are mechanically fixed to the concrete structure.
This is done without preparation of the existing tank.
Step 2:     
The HYDROCLICK sheets are clicked into the profiles.

Step 3:     
Extrusion welding is used to seal the joints, thus ensuring a guaranteed seal, i.e. a leak‑tight seal.

  • The HYDROCLICK system can be monitored in the service chamber continually, with no added cost to the customer.
  • The space between the liner and the wall ensures that no condensation will further deteriorate the concrete behind the liner.

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Perfect Lining for potable water tanks

The HYDRO+ system is well-proven. It has been used for years in new constructions and renovations. The HYDROCLICK system is a further development where experiences of fabricators, end users and experts have been implemented.

Fast and safe installation is guaranteed to have short shut-downs - independent from the building condition. The life expectancy of 50 years and low maintenance result in cost-savings for the operator and the prompt availability of clean water.

AGRU-HYDROCLICK lining for potable water tanks


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