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AGRU offers liner pipes that are used for the inside lining of FRP pipes. While the FRP pipe provides the necessary stiffness, the inliner provides chemical resistance for the application. For the latter, all liner pipes are surface-modified to achive an excellent bonding strength to the FRP, which exceeds relevant industry standards.

New in the AGRU product protfolio are HV-Liner fittings. AGRU is now producing injection-moulded HV-Liner parts witht the special HV – Liner surface from diameter da 20 – 250 mm.

Standard  fittings  are:

-    90 ° Bends,
-    Tees,
-    Reducer,
-    other parts are available on request.

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PVDF HV-Liner System for FRP reinforce liner pipes

PVDF HV-Liner are an economical alternative to the traditional fabric backed pipe. The surface-treated PVDF pipe has a three-dimensional surface structure that provides an optimal bonding to the FRP pipe. While the FRP pipe provides the necessary stiffness, the inliner provides chemical resistance for the application.The piping systems are available in PVDF, PVDF-FLEX and PVDF-el. The pipes can be produced in diameters from da 20–400 mm.

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HV-Liner Pipes

Advantages of AGRU PVDF HV-Liner pipe system

Comprehensive product portfolio and extensive stock-keeping of different materials and components.

Everything from one source:

  • PVDF HV-Liner pipes are available from diameter da 20 – 400 mm.
  • Different fittings (bends, tees, reducers) can be produced with the      unique HV-Liner surface.
  • Bonding strenght of AGRU liner pipes meets the requirements of well known standards.
  • Pipes can be easily welded by IR – Welding technology.

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New article code for PVDF HV-Liner pipes

Due to the product extension of our PVDF-HV Liner system, especially for the Liner pipes, a new product code was created which is now correlating to the HV-Liner fittings program. The implementation of the new article codes will be done step by step in which both articles are valid.

Example: PVDF HV-Liner 20 x 1,9 mm

New: 3H.705.0020.00
Alt: 30.744.0020.00

Download Delivery Program by following this link or click on the graphic.

Here you can read a special report about a sucesful HV-Liner project in Hungary.

Special PVDF solution for process water plant

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