FM 1613 approved PE 100-RC piping systems

Expanded product range and significantly increased pressure rating!

We kindly want to introduce our expanded FM approved product range and new pressure classes for underground fire protection systems! AGRU is the first supplier with an extensive product range of pipes and fittings made from high crack resistant PE 100-RC material! This safes costs during installation, increases the system safety and the service lifetime of the complete piping system.

FM approved PE 100-RC piping system by AGRU

During the latest product approval, also the pressure rating of our SDR 11 and SDR9 product program has been increased significantly. This brings extensive cost benefitsas smaller wall thicknesses are sufficient in most cases compared to other FM approved systems. This makes AGRU FM approved piping systems the first choice for efficient and reliable, underground installed firefighting systems.

Factory Mutual

AGRU FM approved HDPE firefighting system

Ensuring Quality, DependaЬility and Performance

FM global is the world's largest commercial and industrial property insurance and risk management organisation specialising in property protection. FM Approvals certifies products and services for thousands of companies worldwide to help improve and advance property loss prevention. Globally recognized and respected, the FM APPROVED mark assures а product or service has been objectively tested and conforms to appropriate FM Approvals, national and international standards. Customers rely on FM Approvals for assurance that FM Approved products and services will perform as intended and support property loss prevention.

Firefighting lines

The water supply of а fire protection system is often considered as the most critical component of the system. Moving the water from it's source to the entrance of the building, is the function of underground fire protection piping. This piping system must Ье extremely reliaЫe to withstand internal and external stresses over long periods of time. РЕ 100-RC pipes and fittings can Ье welded together homogeniously Ьу heated tool butt welding or electrosocket welding. The welded joints are as strong as the pipe itself, providing а continuous leak-tight system. On the other hand РЕ 100-RC pipes do not corrode or incrustate. This is а key point as in case of а fire emergency valves will Ье opened immediately and if pipes are corroded or incrustated - particles may Ье flushed and clog the sprinklers inside the building.

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System pressure rating

There are 2 complete product ranges for firefighting systems availaЫe from Agru: FM approved per approval standard 1613 for 218 psi (15 bar, SDR11 ), and for 250 psi (17,5 bar, SDR9). This pressure designation means maximum operating pressure for firefighting systems, at 23 °C. lt is calculated and tested that all the system components can handle 4 times of the specified pressure in case of а water hammer without any failure.

Maximum operating pressure of approved pipes and fittings for 218 psi.

Mop of AGRU products 218 psi

Maximum operating pressure of approved pipes and fittings for 250 psi.

Mop of AGRU products 250 psi

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Product range

AGRU FM product program

Product range

AGRU 218 psi / 15 bar (SDR11)Pipes and fittings OD 63-630 mm
AGRU 250 psi / 17.5 bar (SDR9)

Pipes and fittings OD 63-500 mm



FM products 218 psiFM products 250 psi
218 psi products
FM products 218 psi
250 psi products
FM products 250 psi
Brochures for AGRULINE HDPE 100-RC

PE 100-RC pipes & fittings

For now, AGRU pipes and fittings made of PE 100-RC are the pinnacle of more than 50 years of development work. High-precision manufacturing, full pressure and point load resistance open up new dimensions in PE piping system building.

As a single-source supplier, AGRU also provides the matching pipes in PE 100-RC for all PE 100-RC fittings. For more details on our complete system, see our AGRULINE, Large Diameter Piping System, FM Approved and Custom Parts brochures.

Here you will find our FM-approved piping catalogue.

Extensive FM documentation includes:

  • Information about FM global
  • Product information
  • Hydraulic design
  • Installation guide
  • Pressure test
  • Specification
  • Product range

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