MINELINE piping system for Kaolin works

Specially developed pipes by AGRU

Location: Hirschau, Germany
Project Date: 2014
Product: PE 100-RC MINELINE
Dimension: OD 250 SDR 7,4
Medium: Kaolin/water-mixture 

Mine-Line - pipes with abrasion-resistant inner layer

During the construction of the raw earth processing works, the Amberg Kaolin Works decided to use the MINELINE piping system. Raw earth is dissolved during the process and its components, kaolin and the feldspar are transported through the pipelines.

Installation of the Mine-Line Pipes

Because of the abrasive nature of the solid / liquid – mixture MINELINE pipes with abrasion-resistant inner layer were chosen. That specially developed inner layer significantly increases the service life of the PE 100 / PE 100-RC pipes and fittings. Therefore a higher cost-saving potential is possible due to the longer maintenance intervals and shorter downtimes of the transport lines.

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