PFA fix point lining

Due to its outstanding thermal and chemical resistance, the usage of PFA is common in the chemical industry. Especially in the lining of flue gas ducts, chimneys and heat exchangers, the installation of PFA fix point linings is used as a state of the art method. The PFA lining can be used up to an operation temperature of 260 °C and is showing an excellent chemical resistance against condensation medias like H2SO4, HCl and HF, which are typically present in power plant applications.

agru PFA fix point lining

Project data

Customer: Dansk Industri Plast Aps
GPA Denmark
Installation Date: 2019
Products: PFA natural sheet, PFA caps, PFA welding rod
Media: Highly corrosive flue gases (H2SO4, HCl, HF)
Temperature: 170 °C

Fix point lining – Installation method

Basically, the installation of AGRU PFA sheets on steel background can be done in different ways. For the present project in Denmark, the fix point lining method was chosen due to the extreme operating conditions. A welding bolt is welded to the steel surface. Afterwards the PFA sheet, a washer made of steel (optionally a PTFE disc can be added) are positioned and tightened with a hex nut. Finally, the cover cap is welded tight.

Installation per welding bolt

Installation per welding bolt
Lining of a plant component of a flue gas duct

Lining of a plant component of a flue gas duct

Dansk Industri Plast Aps used the fix point lining technology for the preparation of a flue gas duct component. In the course of the project realization, 75 m² AGRU PFA sheets 2.3 mm, 1000 AGRU PFA caps and 22 kg AGRU PFA welding wire were successfully installed. In order to prepare the customer for the project, in addition to the technical support, a welding training was done in Bad Hall. Particular attention was paid to the concerns of the customer and appropriate discussion points were taken up. Thanks to the good cooperation between Dansk Industri Plast Aps, GPA Denmark and AGRU the project was successfully realized and is now in operation. In the meantime, Dansk Industri Plast Aps has already been able to generate further inquiries. 

AGRU PFA lining
AGRU PFA lining

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