Lining of a vessel and a funnel for concrete

PE 100-RC black sheets and welding rod

Atolli Oy was tasked by Finland´s biggest concrete company to line one of their cylindric vessels and a funnel with PE 100-RC. The vessel has an outer diameter of 800 mm and a height of 2000 mm. The funnel is shaped like a pyramid with a side length of approx. 2800 mm. Both constructions were lined with 10 mm thick PE 100-RC Black Sheets and welded with Ø 4 mm PE 100 Welding Rod.

Funnel with 10 mm thick PE 100-RC lining.
Funnel with 10 mm thick PE 100-RC lining.
DistributorAtolli Oy
FabricatorAtolli Oy
CustomerLujaBetoni Oy Finland
Material10 mm PE 100-RC Sheets
4 mm PE 100-RC Welding Rod
Medium Concrete


The vessel and the funnel at LujaBetoni are used to move big amounts of concrete. Because of residues on the metal constructions, which were influencing the quality of the moved concrete and therefore resulting in a lot of periodic maintenance work, it was decided to line the metal surface with PE 100-RC. The smooth surface of the plastic ensures a good sliding behaviour minimizing residues during application and easing the cleaning process afterwards.

Even though concrete by nature might be wearing down the PE 100-RC material and therefore some maintenance work might still be necessary, the cost-benefit factor increased significantly.

Installation and welding of the lining.
Installation and welding of the lining.

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