FPP pond liner in Austria

Natural pool in Kösterle waterproof by AGRU

Natural swimming pool Kösterle
Natural swimming pool Kösterle

Project date: Spring 2015
Location: Klösterle, Austria
Size: 1,500 sqm
Product: FPP pond liner with glass fibre fabric, 1.5 mm, black/green

AGRU geomembranes
AGRU geomembranes

In the municipality Klösterle, Austria, the old public swimming pool had to be renovated. Due to the bad condition of the old pool and high renovating costs, a total reconstruction of the swimming pool was necessary.

Because of lesser building and also running costs the municipality decided to build a natural swimming pool where only plants are used for cleaning the water. One of the big benefits of a natural swimming pool is that there is no need to empty it during the winter.

View over the natural swimming pool
View over the natural swimming pool

To waterproof the 2.122 m³ natural swimming pool an AGRU FPP pond liner 1.5 mm with a glass fabric inlay was used. It is characterizing by a high flexibility and does not contain any plasticisers. Consequently it perfectly supports the environmental and health benefits of a natural pool.

The installation of the AGRUFLEX pond liner was done by skilled workers of the company IAT. Hot wedge welding as well as extrusion welding was used to ensure the water tightness of the natural pool.

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