AGRU Product INNOVATIONS at a glance

AGRU continues to set new standards for product innovation and quality. Here is an overview of the latest innovations from AGRU.

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Here you will find a detailed description of the innovations.

Face to Face with AGRU Technical Engineers

AGRU-experts show you our latest product innovations and you get a brief insight into our work processes. You can see which materials we use and which special features characterize our products.

Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

today we are in our show room in Bad Hall with our different pipes and fitting products. I want to show you a little bit about our raw material or resin materials like we call it, that we use. For example you can see here polyethylene (PE), PVDF or polypropylene (PP) and normally or mainly we are sourcing only raw materials that are already finally compounded. Finally compounded means, that they have already included all additives that are required for the final products. We need UV-stabilizers or additives for the colour. We have a very stringent incoming control, so once a truck reaches AGRU, we take out a sample of the raw material, then we test it and afterwards we compare the test results to our specification. Once this is ok, the truck driver is able to unload the raw material to our silos. From there it gets distributed to our injection moulding or extrusion machines and the materials are heated up to a certain temperature and are then distributed and forwarded to a die or an extrusion form. So after this we have the final product and please have a look at our products and if there are some questions we are really appreciate to get your information or your questions so please get in touch with us.

Kurt Berger explains the process of our raw material from the truck through our silos to the production machines.


Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

my name is Rudolf Hummel, I am the responsible technical engineer for the product group – concrete protective liner – at AGRU in Austria. Today I kindly would like to introduce you to our SURE GRIP and ULTRA GRIP protective liner which were produced with the AGRU patented V-shaped anchor stud. The main difference between the SURE GRIP and ULTRA GRIP concrete protective liner is the bridge between the v-shaped anchor stud. The higher bridge of the ultra grip liner at the v-shaped anchor stud enables a higher pull up resistance and also higher ground water back pressure resistance in comparison to the sure grip protective liner. In general, AGRU is producing the concrete protective liner out of various high quality thermo plastic materials such as HDPE, PP, PVDF and ECTFE. These products can be used for the protection of various concrete structures against aggressive medias, hazardous environment and also can be used for the lining of potable water tanks. I hope that I gave you a short introduction to our concrete protective liners, if there any open questions please do not hesitate and contact us.
Rudolf Hummel explains the difference between the AGRU SURE GRIP and AGRU ULTRA GRIP concrete protection liner

PE 100-RC is the best currently available PE raw material. And AGRU is the world's first manufacturer of a complete range of fittings made from this high-tech material. No wonder, because with 70 years of experience you have every material and every tricky geometry under control. Our former apprentice and now head of injection moulding at AGRU, Stefan Bader, shows the most important fittings, materials and injection moulding techniques which we produce and use at AGRU.

AGRU engineer Stefan Bader, Head of injection moulding, shows our high-tech products made from HDPE 100-RC.

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