AGRU Gas-Lock

The saftey device for your gas system

Damages in gas supply systems can have devastating consequences. Once the piping system is damaged is all up to the network operator to stop the gas flow by a valve or squeeze-off tool and to protect the hazardous area.

The stop of gas flow manually takes a certain time. In this time the gas still emerges throughout the surrounding area. Until the gas flow is stopped and the surrounding gas is escaped, there is danger to life because of possible ignition and resulting explosions.

The AGRU Gas-Lock is the safety plus for your gas piping system.

AGRU Gas-Lock detail view
AGRU Gas-Lock detail view
Damaged piping system
Damaged piping system

Why AGRU Gas-Lock?

The AGRU Gas-Lock can be integrated to PE 100(-RC) saddle fittings which are used to create branches and house connections. Once the damage occures, the AGRU Gas-Lock stops the gas flow by it's own immediately.

How it works

Standard Operating Condition
Emercengy Event - Leakage
Nominal flow speed based on the specified operating pressure. THE AGRU Gas-Lock is in open position. This position is not affected by normal change in velocity due to customer device shut on/or offDue the mechanical fracture/leakage the flow velocity increases to a defined limit, then the AGRU Gas-Lock closes immediately within < 1 sec.
Once the leakage is repaired, a pressure from the repaired pipe side towards the AGRU Gas-Lock is to be applied. Whenever pressure equalization is achieved, the AGRU Gas-Lock re-opens and operates normally again.


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