PVDF-UHP | Tee reduced

OD90/20 up to OD90/63 mm
OD110/20 up to OD110/63 mm
To meet the continuously growing requirements for high-purity piping systems, AGRU is constantly upgrading and expanding its product range of PVDF-UHP fittings.
The latest development are our PVDF-UHP reduced tees (Code 35.065):
Total part length has been reduced to allow more compact plant design and ecological packaging. All tees are weldable by butt-, IR- and beadless welding.

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PE 100-RC | E-coupler bifilar machined

A fully embedded heating wire provides:
* Easy-to-clean welding surface
* Protection against corrosion
* Uniform and material friendly heat distribution in the welding area
Premium material PE 100-RC provides:
* Outstanding resistance against slow crack growth
* Cost savings through installation without sand bed
Bifilar welding system:
* Two separate welding zones
* One-sided pre-welding (e.g. in workshop) possible
* Welding with universal welding machines
* Tension belts for perfect welding pressure
Extremely efficient:
* Leightweight
* Short welding times without pre-heating

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Stop-Off- Saddle

The AGRU Stop-Off-Saddle is used wherever damage to gas pipes must be repaired quickly and when there are no valves to shut off.
Fully embedded heating coil:
* Easy to clean welding surfaces
* Protection against corrosion
* Even and gentle heat distribution in the welding zone
High quality material PE 100-RC:
* Highest resistance to slow crack growth
* Cost savings by omitting the sand bed
Special construction features:
* Quick installation with fixation straps and screws
* Little need for space
Guaranteed traceability of each component:
* Due to continuous serial number and
* traceability code

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Special flange | for valve connections

Special design offers:
* Perfect stability
* Outstanding strength
* Superiour connection
Nominal OD connection to metallic flanges:
* Cost reduction, as smaller valve diameters are used
* Suitable for butterfly valves
* Reduction of dead space between flange and valve
* Reduced operating costs due to optimized flow characteristics
* Less deposits
High quality PE 100-RC material:
* Resistant to slow crack growth
* Suitable for installation without sand bed

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Tee 45° | Injection molded

Special design:
* Injection molded fitting
* Perfect flow characteristics
* Butt- and electrofusion welding
Premium material PP-R:
* Outstanding temperature resistance
* Outstanding corrosion resistance
* Outstanding strength, stiffness & hardness
Premium material PE 100-RC:
* Resistance against slow crack growth
* Cost saving installation without sand bed
Guaranteed traceability of each part:
* Batch number
* Traceability code PE 100-RC

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Poly-Flo | Induction E-Coupler

The induction E-coupler consists of a metal ring, which is covered with PE or PP by injection molding. The ring inductor is an electrical coil, which creates a magnetic field. Due to the inductive heating, the plastic is plasticized in the welding area and connects the pipe with the E-coupler.

Poly-Flo piping system:
The Poly-Flo system is an extension of the double containment piping system. Pipes and fittings are manufactured in one-step (extruded / molded) and are fully pressure rated.

Welding methods:
* Simultaneous welding
* Cascade welding
  • Inside pipe: Infrared- or butt-welding
  • Outside pipe: Induction-welding

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AGRU Backing Rings

Exactly adapted to FRP stub flanges
* Exact adjustment of the backing rings to
* FRP stub flanges
* High chemical resistance
* Glass fibre reinforced PP outside layer
* High mechanical strength because of the steel core
* Proven application with thermoplastic piping systems since years
* Perfect harmonized flange connection with AGRU ePTFE seal clean gasket
The problem with flange connections (stub flange with backing ring) is that the backing ring (designed for thermoplastic stub flanges) does not fit to the FRP stub end (d3 size).

AGRU has now included backing rings up to OD 630 mm to the product range to solve this problem. The special backing rings are exactly adjusted to the FRP stub flanges and provide the perfect solution for this connection.

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PLA+ABS | filaments for 3D printing

AGRU filaments are designed for high-quality 3D printing (industrial and hobby). Thanks to the 100 % diameter control during production, high precision and sharpness of all details are ensured during the printing process. The variety of colors, the easy processability, the very good heat resistance and impact strength make AGRU filaments the ideal material for 3D printing.

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Extruded blocks | up to 120 mm thickness

For the production of large parts

Extruded blocks in PP-R and PVDF up to 100 mm thickness available from stock
* Standard format of blocks 1000 mm x 610 mm (PVDF) or 1000 mm x 620 mm (PP-R)
* Special lengths up to 3000 mm possible
* Cost-effective manufacturing of special parts
* PE types and other special materials and colors available on request

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New format | for sheets

PE-Sheets now with 17.5 / 22.5 / 27.5 mm
thickness available

* Very good chemical resistance
* Long service life, even with aggressive media
* One stop shopping
* Comprehensive semi-finished product portfolio and extensive stock-keeping
* Consistently high quality
* Raw material specifications, cutting-edge production & quality assurance

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