Tee 45° Injection molded

For the creation of full pressure conform 45° branches in PE/PP piping systems the AGRU injection molded 45° Tee is now available.

This special fitting is made of premium PE 100-RC / PP-R, guarantees a simple installation and absolute reliability. With an injection molded 45° Tee, creating a full pressure conform 45° branch in a PE/PP piping system has become much simpler and cost-effective.

agru Tee 45° Injection molded
Tee 45° Injection molded by AGRU

Advantages & attributes:

Dimensions AGRU Tee 45° PE/PP
Dimensions AGRU Tee 45° PE/PP

Special design
• Injection molded fitting
• Perfect flow characteristics
• Butt- and electrofusion welding

Premium material PE 100-RC
• Resistance against slow crack growth
• Cost saving installation without sand bed

Premium material PP-R
• Outstanding temperature resistance
• Outstanding corrosion resistance
• Outstanding strength, stiffness & hardness

Guaranteed traceability of each part
• Batch number
• Traceability code PE 100-RC

Contact Person:

Technical Engineering

Berger Kurt
+43 (0) 7258 790-3308
Vukelja Mario
+43 (0) 7258 790-3318




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