PE 100 pipe for a gas supply line in Bangkok

  • Location: Thailand / Bangkok
  • Year of installation: 2014 
  • Material: PE100 / PE 100-RC
  • Dimension: 160 mm, 225 mm
  • Medium: Natural gas
  • Temperature: 20 °C

For the first time PE100 pipes were used for a gas supply line, when a new industrial park in Bangkok was connected to an existing gas supply line. The project owner, a well-known installation- and natural gas company was supported by AGRU during the entire project. As a support, several training courses and site visits were carried out. Additionally a supervisor was provided on site for the project start and finish.

After the project start in August, the excavation work started simultaneously with the preparation of the site for pipe installation. Immediately after the completion of the trench the pipes were welded and lowered into the trench. At some difficult-to-access areas the pipeline was installed using the horizontal directional drilling (HDD). The final pressure test confirmed the absolute leak-tightness of the system.

All used components (pipes, fittings, valves) were delivered by AGRU, which guaranteed a complete and consistent high-quality system. The project was finished to the full satisfaction of all involved parties.

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