PE 100-RC caustic soda storage containers within a water purification plant

PE 100 RC storage container

Conceptualization and installation by Oy Fluorotech Ltd (Finland) of three solid storage containers and the welding of the piping system using AGRU E-fittings within a water purification plant for caustic soda.

Project: Construction of three Ø 2000 mm solid PE 100-RC storage tanks
Product: PE 100-RC sheets and fittings
Manufacturer: Oy Fluorotech Ltd (Finland)
Year of installation: 2019
Material: PE 100-RC
Medium: NaOH (Caustic soda)
Temperature: Ambient

PE 100 RC storage container
Three PE 100 RC storage container and the connecting piping system.

About the project

The purpose of the project was to replace a metal container by three PE 100-RC containers storing caustic soda (NaOH). In this application the caustic soda is used as a pH control agent in a wastewater treatment application. Additionally, because of the chemical resistance of PE 100-RC the concentration of the solution could be increased from an initial 20 % to 50 %. This led to a reduction in operating costs of the treatment process.

The chemical and its application

Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), also known as caustic soda, is a common inorganic compound typically used as a strong chemical base. It is known to be very corrosive for metals. Caustic soda is used during water purification to regulate the pH value of water supplies.

PE 100-RC container
Fig. 2: PE 100-RC container
Isometric view to define the pipeline path
Fig. 3: Isometric view to define the pipeline path
AGRU E-fittings product portfolio
Fig. 4: AGRU E-fittings product portfolio

The solution and its design

Due to the chemical resistance and good mechanical properties of PE 100-RC, it can store and transport caustic soda solutions. The use of PE 100-RC storage containers and pipelines is one of the most cost effective variants that is able to offer a potential 10+ year of service life at ambient temperature.

All the tanks needed to be installed interior to avoid the freezing point of a 50% solution of NaOH. Low temperatures, starting at +15 °C, can cause the crystallization of caustic soda. The container’s design and dimensioning strictly followed the DVS (German Welding Association) standards to fulfil the mechanical and chemical requirements.

The main goal was to optimize the connection between the storage containers and the actual process, where the caustic soda was used. Therefore, the tanks were placed next to the road, so they could be easily loaded from a truck and are, at the same time, close to the water cleaning system.

Pipeline design

  •  The pipeline design (see Figure 3) and installation had to ensure four basic functions:
    • Input of chemical into the first tank
    • Connection between the tanks while filling
    • Transport to the water purification process
    • Ventilation of the tanks


The main welding method used for the installation was electrofusion, which ensures an accurate and error-free welding quality. This method uses special, injection moulded AGRU E-fittings (see Figure 4) with a built-in conductible heating element to weld the joints together.

Advantages of the AGRU product folio

  • PE 100-RC has excellent chemical resistance and good mechanical properties
  • Storage containers out of PE 100-RC are one of the most cost effective solution that is also able to offer a potential service life of 10+ years
  • Reducing the operating costs through increasing the concentration of caustic soda, because of the chemical resistance of PE 100-RC in contrast to metals
  • One-stop shop: AGRU offers a wide range of products for storage container manufacturing and pipeline systems
“Fluorotech has partnered together with top world manufacturers such as AGRU in order to equip our pipelines with the top-grade components available nowadays in the plastic pipeline industry. Our installers can be mobilised to any work sites on short notice. Where there is a need for intervention, we offer practical and immediate solutions.“
Christian Sundberg | Oy Fluorotech Ltd CEO

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