AGRU products for irrigation in Austria

Climate change is also a reality in Austria. In some regions, artificial irrigation must be used due to insufficient rainfall. In Lower Austria alone, 60 irrigation projects are to be implemented. AGRU supplied pipes, fittings and geomembranes for an electric irrigation system in Zissersdorf.

water reservoir for irrigation
water reservoir for irrigation
The 8600 m³ water reservoir for irrigation was built with AGRU LINING SYSTEMS.

The Zissersdorf water cooperative near Stockerau had an automatic irrigation system installed for 400 hectares of agricultural land. The 3 million euro plant is intended to ensure food production despite drought. AGRU supplied approx. 5,000 m² of ÖNORM MIKROSPIKE High Grip geomembrane in 2.5 mm thickness as well as 15 km of AGRULINE pipes in OD 125 - 450 mm and SDR 9 - 17 for this project. While the geomembranes are used for the high-quality sealing of a storage pond with a capacity of 8,600 m³, the AGRULINE pipes are used for the filling of the pond with groundwater as well as for the distribution of water to the individual plots of land. The decisive factor for the delivery was not only the price but also the quick delivery due to the stock availability at AGRU. The installer also reported on the excellent welding properties of our products.

geomembranes are correctly positioned
The geomembranes are correctly positioned by means of an excavator.
Hot-wedge welding
Hot-wedge welding of the geomembranes.

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