Sustainable landfill rehabilitation with AGRU LINING SYSTEMS

Before its closure in 1993, the Sigmundskron landfill in the municipality of Bolzano was one of the largest domestic waste landfills in the country. In order to minimize its environmental impact, several remediation measures have been carried out since 2010. As the last measure for the time the landfill body has now been reprofiled, stabilized and a multi-layer surface sealing system has been installed. MICROSPIKE PE-HD LINING SYSTEMS from AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH were used for this purpose.

The Sigmundskron landfill received a sustainable surface sealing.
The Sigmundskron landfill received a sustainable surface sealing.

Last fall, the municipality of Bolzano began work to rehabilitate and secure the old landfill site. An important step in securing the area is the multi-layer surface sealing, which prevents the penetration of precipitation water and the escape of landfill gases. For this purpose, several layers of different materials were applied to the landfill surface. The project was supplied by Bautechnik GmbH Srl, which has successfully supplied similar projects in the past and has extensive experience and know-how in this field. The construction of this surface seal required careful planning and implementation to ensure effective impermeability and to protect the environment and the health of local residents.

The multi-layer waterproofing started with a base layer on which geotextiles were laid. AGRU MICROSPIKE LINING SYSTEMS were then installed on top of these. These geomembranes, made of high-density polyethylene, offer excellent resistance to chemical attack, landfill gases and UV radiation. A drainage layer of geotextiles was installed over the geomembrane to drain rainwater and reduce pressure on the geomembrane. A gravel bed was then applied as a protective layer to protect the geomembrane from mechanical impact. Finally, in the spring, the growing medium for plants will be applied on top of this protective layer, which will provide a beautiful appearance for the rehabilitated landfill.

Steep slopes perfectly sealed

AGRU's MSB/MSB+ LINING SYSTEMS, made of high-density polyethylene, was ideal for sealing the steep slopes of the Sigmundskron landfill. Bautechnik GmbH Srl supplied 40,000 m² of the AGRU MICROSPIKE PE-HD LINING SYSTEMS in 2.5 mm thickness and in 7 m width. Thanks to its special texture, the MIKROSPIKE LINING SYSTEMS offer optimum adhesion in combination with protective fleeces or drainage membranes. Another advantage of the AGRU geomembrane on this site was its flexibility, which allowed easy installation. The geomembrane could be laid on uneven ground and adapted perfectly to the shape of the landfill. A nap-free weld area made installation easier and faster.

The project started on November 8, 2022, and was completed by the end of January 2023. The existing catch basin was enlarged to collect the discharged stormwater. The landfill body was also reprofiled and stabilized. The rehabilitation of the Sigmundskron landfill is of great importance for the environment and the health of local residents. The use of MSB/MSB+ PE-HD LINING SYSTEMS provides a durable and effective seal against the leakage of pollutants, thus ensuring reliable and long-term safety for the environment and the local population.

A gravel bed acts as a protective layer for the geomembranes.
A gravel bed acts as a protective layer for the geomembranes.

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